Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Orthotic Fabrication Boulder

P.T.I. Orthotic Laboratory is committed to providing the highest quality orthotic fabrication in Boulder.  Our skilled pedorthists have the knowledge to help individuals who are suffering from chronic foot pain. Orthotics fit into your shoes to help alleviate the cause of your chronic foot pain.

No matter what you do, chronic foot pain interferes with your everyday life.  Even the simplest tasks become difficult.  If you are looking for orthotics then you are taking the first step to helping your chronic pain.   It’s an easy process to get an orthotic but getting the right orthotic takes a commitment to quality and experience.  We are the only full service foot orthotic lab in Boulder. 

Our board certified pedorthist will listen to your concerns and apply the latest technologies to make an orthotic that is superior quality. Because we do all our fabrication in-house, you will only have to make one stop for fittings and adjustments. 
You will always find our staff courteous and helpful throughout the process.  We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy schedule.  When you want the best in orthotic fabrication in Boulder, look to P.T.I. Orthotic Laboratory.  Call today to schedule an appointment. We know you will be 100% satisfied.