Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lafayette Orthotic Therapy

You and your physician feel the right way to help alleviate your chronic foot pain is to have a custom orthotic made.  At P.T.I. Orthotic Laboratory we fabricate for dozens of orthopedic, sports medicine and physical therapy clinics.  With over 30 types of individual orthotic types, we have something for you.  If you are looking in Lafayette for orthotic therapy, visit us today.  

P.T.I. we don’t believe that there is a “one size fits all” approach to orthotic therapy.  Because we work with many different fields of orthotic fabrication, we can select the orthotic that best fits your individual needs.  The variable for the perfect orthotic are numerous depending upon age, weigh and activity level.  

When working with the professionals at P.T.I. you can feel confident you will receive a thorough and complete evaluation and consultation. Our board certified pedorthist can then discuss the appropriate orthotic options and apply the latest technologies. It is only through this approach you will find the best orthotic for 'YOU'. 

When you are looking in Lafayette for custom orthotic therapy, give P.T.I. Orthotic Laboratory a call first.  With flexible scheduling, convenient fittings and great prices, we know you will be 100% satisfied.  Call today to schedule your appointment.