Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hip Pain Boulder

If you are suffering from hip pain, it may be due to your feet.  Any hip or joint pain should be addressed at the feet.  At P.T.I. Orthotics Laboratory in Boulder, we are committed to providing the highest level of foot health care.  We have the orthopedic skill and knowledge to fabricate custom foot orthotics, shoe modifications and professionally fit shoes for the ultimate in fit, function and performance. If you are suffering from hip pain in Boulder, give us a call.  

Gluteus Medius is a syndrome that occurs when feet are pronated.  Custom orthotics to balance any abnormality may help with this type of pain.  Also, if one leg is slightly longer than the other orthotics can help.  When you come to P.T.I. you will be evaluated by a board certified pedorthist.  It’s an easy process to get an orthotic made, but getting the right orthotic takes experience and a commitment to quality.  P.T.I is a full service foot orthotic lab. We will apply the latest technologies to make an orthotic that is superior quality.

We have a commitment to excellence in our industry.  Each patient receives a one hour consultation and examination with full patient history and biomedical evaluation, and assessment of your current footwear.  We then create an orthotic to control alignment and foot function.  

At P.T.I. Orthotic Laboratory, patients have access to the latest technologies, flexible scheduling, and a highly experienced and educated Board Certified Pedorthist.  Don’t suffer any longer with hip pain in Boulder.  Give our office a call today and schedule an appointment.