Thursday, February 14, 2013

Foot Pain Relief with Orthotics Boulder

Living with plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, heel spurs or bunions? Chronic foot pain can compromise your everyday activities.  You don’t have to live with foot pain anymore! If you have been diagnosed with a specific foot condition and are looking for foot pain relief with orthotics in Boulder, let the professionals at P.T.I. help you with affordable orthotics. Let us put you on the road to once again walk, work –even enjoy their favorite sports activities – pain free, for the first time in years.

At P.T.I we are committed to providing the highest level of foot health care. Orthotics are designed to control alignment and function of the foot in order to prevent or treat injury causing motions. We have the orthopedic knowledge and skill to fabricate custom foot orthotics, shoe modifications and professionally fit shoes for the ultimate in fit, function and performance. 

 It’s an easy process to get an orthotic but getting the right orthotic takes experience and a commitment to quality.  We are the only full service foot orthotic lab in Boulder.  Our board certified pedorthist listens to his patients, and applies the latest technologies to make an orthotic that is superior quality. We have an in-house facility to save you time for your fittings and adjustments.  Our courteous professionals will work with you from the beginning of the process through to the final fitting. 

At P.T.I. you will find flexible scheduling and highly qualified board certified Pedorthist.  We know you will be 100% satisfied. Let us provide foot relief with orthotics in Boulder.  Call to schedule your appointment today.